5 08 2010

When we struggle against ourselves alone. we will fall. When we struggle against ourselves on the side of God we will prevail.

I know I need more of him in me to accomplish the things he has for me, yet I still hunger for the things that are not meant for me


2 or 3.

10 03 2010

It was homecoming tonight. Pat came to our nightly fellowship in JM and shared some of his experiences in Kenya. Even before he left I always felt like I was being blessed when he was talking. It was amazing to see the spiritual maturity. I didn’t realize until he was gone just how much I feed off of having him around. He is definately a spirital battery for me.

Rob also came back. We missed him. It was a blessing to see the Spirit alivei n the believers while he was gone. Everyone was concerned and crying out to God. In some ways it was a blessing. It would be nice if we could get the blessing without the suffering of a Brother.

Pat threw out an interesting statement. He said that God has three children. The one who goes out and does the right things, works hard, and brings honor to the family. A second one who just kind of stays on the couch, not doing much of anything, either way. The third is the one out isnning and bringing shame upon the family. Some hard hitting stuff. I definately found myself identifying with the second and third children as much as anything.

I’m continuing to seek guidance about seminary. I also want to think more about going to China for a time. I feel useless to God here. I know that is not right. I know he can use anyone at any place and at any time to work towards his purpose. The mini-revival here has been working on my heart. I have mostly played on the sidelines of it. I’m afraid to dive in and let go fully. This concept of full surrender to God continues to challenge me.

God is abundant in so many people I meet. I wonder how abundant he is in me.

I’m still writing. I had a commentary on Exodus 28 I am finishing and proofing. I also have a slow movng short story. I am hoping to complete them by the end of Furlough next week.



Theater Conference

8 03 2010

The theater conference was alright. I enjoyed some of the seminars, but it was mostly cool to get out from VMI.

Highlights included meeitng a VMI alum at Asbury Seminary, and seeing Andy. I really like what little I saw of Asbury, it seems like a good place, and Andy seems happy. Getting to talk to a recent Alum, who is also a seminary student was very enlightening. She spoke a lot of things that helped me gain some percpective on where I’m going. It was also just really nice to have a believer to talk to. I have a tendency to forget what that is like.

Sunday night was really cool. The Ephesians lecture is getting larger, and the substance of the lessons is amazing. I also went to the Sunday night prayer group in the chapel and had a great time. I really enjoy watching the underclassmen. Its so fun to see the excitement of newer believers. It was another moment of clarity and encouragement from God. God even set it up that I was able to encourage a sister using the lesson we had just had on Ephesians.




EPH 3:19


27 02 2010

 Finding You is a task with no end. This trail I wander down nips at my heels. I see another bend, beside it another trail. The trail is dark, The roots, over grown. Where will it go down? Yes, I could go down it. But I found naught but disappointment the last time. These trails lead to fields, fields of no fruit. Every field is fruitless, Every pursuit pointless. How do I get to the path? How do I find my way? The sun chases. As my shadow lengthens, I will reach yet another crossroad. This direction is prettier, this, is safer. A third choice offers fruit. Is it a lie, as they all have been? Perhaps, it is the trail I have not seen. I am now too frantic to decide. I can only think of the road I’m on. These road side vendors seduce me. A man with a cart of trinkets is no match- I say. But I will give him the coins, And I will play with the trinkets along the way. They occupy my hands, but not my head, Nor the Heart. The trail will be all I have to show for you.

I’m still experimenting with making WP more accessible to poetry. I tried to copy and paste this from word. I sort of like it like this, in prose. I think the senteces have a different feel, than if they were still in free verse. I modifed one or two punctiuation points. Otherwise, I left it as is.


Tuesday Afternoon in my room.

23 02 2010

Taking a quick break before I take my Econ test. Tuesday afternoons are nice to have nothing to do so i can get caught up on work. Too bad I rarely get motivated enough to get work done.

I’m slowly appreciating poetry. Some poetry. I’m still not so sure about that Shakespeare dude. Working on Dickenson’s 449 has forced me to admit that this stuff is a little bit more legit than I’ve given it credit for. You win this round Sir.

I suppose I should get back to work since I have tech week all week. I really wish I could go back two weeks and refused to do this play more stubbornly. I hate this play with passion. Is tech week too late to back out? I’m only an extra for once. Ah, my foolish pride.

Maybe the musical stylings of The Avett Brothers can make this Econ test go down smoother.




19 02 2010

So, first I managed to bruise my back by landing on a tree root during stx lanes today. Then, this afternoon, my car wouldn’t start. Today has sucked three ways to Cleveland.

I can’t wait to get home.

Immediate Supernatural Healing

18 02 2010

After bible study I asked for some support in dealing with my anger, frustration and sin. A lot of this was manifest in roommate friction. As soon as I walked into my room after returning, and the atmosphere was so relaxed. I want to shout “Praise GOD!” but I will suffice a quiet prayer of thanks. God is amazing, and so are the brothers  he places in our lives.